Play Wordsy on Twitter!

@WordsyBot periodically tweets a Wordsy board. You can play by replying using a single word. WordsyBot will let you know the word’s score. Try to get the highest score!

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How to play

WordsyBot periodically tweets out a “board” that looks like this. Boards never contain vowels.

Games will run for 30 minutes. While a game is running, you can @ to WordsyBot with a SINGLE word. WordsyBot automatically ignores any tweet with more than one word, and won’t score any word with punctuation. If your word is valid, WordsyBot will let you know within 60 seconds how much your word scored.

You can tweet any word to Wordsybot, as long as it’s not a proper noun, and has no apostrophes, hyphens, or periods. It’s perfectly fine to use letters that aren’t on the board, but the more letters on the board you match, the better!

Each letter in your word scores once if it matches a letter on the board. The value it scores is equal to the column it’s in: letters in the leftmost column score 5 points, while letters in the rightmost column score 2 points. Rare letters, like the H and the V in the example above, score bonus points if you use them.

You can use letters in any order. If you have a letter repeated in your word, but there’s only one of that letter on the board, you only score that letter once.

If there are two of the same letters out but you only used that letter once, WordsyBot will use the letter in the more valuable column.

If there are two of the same letters in play and you use that letter more than once, WordsyBot will score both letters.

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Technical note

If you’re using Windows XP or viewing the tweet via a text message, you may not see the board properly. Sorry about that!

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