Weird Stories

Weird Stories is a one-shot, zero-prep, dice-less, and GM-less story game where players will tell stories similar to the films of David Lynch, novels by Haruki Murakami or Jeff VanderMeer, and the TV series Lost and The Twilight Zone. These stories have many more questions than answers, and remain shrouded in mystery throughout.

You know those books that are creepy thrillers two-thirds of the way through, and then the author turns on the lights and gives names and explanations to everything, and the last third is straight-up action? Nothing against those kinds of stories, but in Weird Stories, the lights never come on, and you never get a full explanation about what happened.

Weird Stories is capable of giving you a cryptic allegory, or a dreamy tale of illogic, or a nightmarish fantasy, or a hilarious fever dream, or straight-up horror. Any of these stories are able to hit us on a subconscious level and stick with us long after playing. 

Let’s get weird.

Advanced players: Download custom sheets to make your own settings! This download also includes Lines & Veils sheets designed for the game.

Sheets v.0.1


Game design: Gil Hova
Illustration: Ibon Adarne (front cover), Aron Wiesenfeld (back cover), Travis Kinchy (cards)
Graphic design: 
Amber Seger