The Networks: Replacement Network Cards

The 2018 printing of The Networks features a few tweaks to some Network Cards. This is a pack of replacement cards so players with an older edition of the game can enjoy the most-up-to-date cards. Read more about it here!

Requires the base Networks game to play.

What cards are changed?

Market Research

New text: When Developing a Show, play to require 1 fewer Genre Icons for a Genre Bonus that turn. Get a Genre Bonus if eligible, but skip your next Genre Bonus.

Daytime Soaps

New text: After scoring Reruns, you may spend $1M to keep 1 Rerun from dropping into Archives. Discard and spend $1M at game end to score 1 Rerun during endgame scoring.

Advertising Push

New text: Get 3 Viewers for free, or spend $5M to get 10 Viewers.

Flexible Schedule

New text: Play during Show scoring to consider all Shows in your lineup as being in their preferred time slot this Season.