Bad Medicine

A little game about Big Pharma.

Bad Medicine is a party game about pharmaceutical companies making awful drugs.

It’s quick, silly, weird, and keeps all players engaged!

Game design: Gil Hova
Cover illustration: Emily Hancock
Graphic design and illustration: Scott Hartman

I’m new here! What should I get?

There are all sorts of Bad Medicine items available! Here’s what we have.

Bad Medicine base game

This is the base game. If you are new to Bad Medicine, start here!

Bad Medicine: Second Opinion

This is an expansion to the base game that adds 90 new cards and the new “Complication” mechanism. Requires the base Bad Medicine game to play. 

NOTE: if you have the 2015 version of Bad Medicine, you’ll want the Replacement Cards to play this expansion!

Bad Medicine: Tokens

These are optional tokens you can buy. They help with voting and round tracking, and look great on the table! Requires the base Bad Medicine game to play.

Bad Medicine: Unsafe

This is a small 15-card expansion that adds cards with bodily functions and naughty words, for folks who enjoy that sort of thing… Requires the base Bad Medicine game to play.

Bad Medicine: Replacement Cards

If you own the first edition of Bad Medicine from 2015, this item will make your game compatible with the Second Opinion expansion! Only needed for owners of the first edition of the game from 2015!


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